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FreshStart – Evolve IT Team Volunteering Day

By 12th August 2023No Comments

The Evolve IT Recruitment Ltd team had a brilliant morning working hard on our Team Volunteering Day at the Fresh Start (Scotland) Hub in Pilton, North Edinburgh.

The team were putting together Starter Packs and Food parcels for individuals and families throughout Edinburgh who have been homeless and need a helping hand getting back on their feet.

Fresh Start (Scotland) are a truly fantastic organisation with incredibly hard working volunteers doing work that far too often goes under the radar and without recognition.

They have seen food pantry and homeware donations decline recently – so please if you can, get involved and drop off what you can spare. It goes to the best possible use and could make a real difference for other people.

Giving back to the community we live in is key to Evolve IT Recruitment Ltd way of doing things and we hope our very small contribution was of help!



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