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At Evolve IT Recruitment, we provide high quality recruitment consulting services and specialise in placing top IT talent with our highly valued clients.

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Permanent Recruitment

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients. One size really doesn’t fit all.

We meet regularly and in-person to understand the current and future tech talent requirements of your business and ensure that we are working with you to plan the growth of your organisation with the right people.

Our aim is to make your recruitment process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our bespoke approach provides our clients with a dedicated account manager, full job specification creation, talent mapping and benchmarking, UK and Europe-wide advertising and targeted head-hunting, technical testing, screening and interviewing, full end-to-end candidate management as well as a guarantee on the quality of our services and highly competitive fee structure.

Put simply – we do the right thing for permanent hires. Contact us today to organise a consultation.

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Contract Recruitment

We are unique in that we treat contract recruitment with the same quality-focused approach as permanent. Speed is important – but never at the sacrifice of quality. Contracting is hard. We treat contractors as human beings and provide our clients with top-level talent in short timescales to complete urgent projects. Contact us today to discuss our contractor process.

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Hiring Enquiries

Just started a business? Have no idea how much it would cost or how to go about expanding your team? Or are you thinking of hiring in 6-12 months time? Contact us for a no-obligation in-person consultation where we can offer our advice on getting started as well as on planning and mapping the market so that, when you are ready, we can launch together.
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