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Evolve IT Partner with Auticon

By 23rd June 2022No Comments

A fantastic partnership announcement…

I am delighted to announce that Evolve IT Recruitment Ltd are partnering with auticon UK to provide an extra avenue of opportunity for any of our candidates who are on the autism spectrum/neurodivergent.

The Office of National Statistics reports that only 22% autistic people are currently in paid work with 77% reporting they would like to be.

We would like to do our small part to help improve this imbalance.

We believe that there is a role for everyone in the Technology Sector and to ensure that every candidate is catered for throughout the recruitment journey is a big part of our consultative approach.

We consult closely with our clients to improve interview processes, working environments and anything along the recruitment journey that can be adjusted to improve accessibility to these candidates and this partnership will really help us to build on this.

Evolve IT Recruitment Ltd is built upon the basis of “Do the Right Thing” and I am delighted to publicly announce a partnership that I believe truly follows that ethos.

A word from Auticon:
We serve our clients by recruiting, training, and employing adults on the autism spectrum for lifelong careers in data science, quality assurance and cybersecurity.

Inspiration for the company came when (Founder) Mr Müller-Remus’ son was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Mr Müller-Remus was dismayed by the lack of employment prospects on offer for autistic people, and decided to build a company which created long term sustainable jobs for adults on the autism spectrum

Auticon will be providing full neurodiversity training to all of the Evolve IT consultants here in the Edinburgh office and I am delighted that we will be well-placed to provide advice to clients and candidates and refer them to Auticon opportunities where appropriate.

Please get in touch with any of the team to find out more!