Career Coaching

As part of the Evolve IT Candidate experience we are delighted to have partnered with Samantha Leeman to provide our candidates the opportunity to access in-depth technical career coaching.

In-depth technical career coaching

Samantha has been working in tech for 15+ Years, experiencing the industry from both sides of the hiring desk, working as a recruiter and technologist. Using her unique insider knowledge, she focuses on empowering women to accelerate their careers delivering support tailored to their unique aspirations.

Ever had a boss that’s taken all the credit? Been paid less than the man sat next to you? Overlooked for promotion? Felt Stuck? Or like you’re not good enough? She’s been there too and can help you overcome these obstacles. As a certified coach her career coaching services adhere to the gold standard set by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), providing you with expert guidance and support needed for success.

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